Xindak XA8800MNu (STK)

XA8800 er mono effekttrin af den højeste kvalitet. En forstærker med et godt magtfuldt drive, en god dynamik, lav forvrængning, fantastisk kontrol og en meget pålidelig drift.

Med et rubycon lyttebatteri på 60000uF, stor trafo og sanken transistorer har XA8800MNu, på trods af størrelsen, muskler nok til at trække selv meget vanskelige højttalere fuldt ud.

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XA8800MNu is a mono power amplifier, with full symmetric current negative feedback structure. This model offers the user quality sound reproduction and elegant styling also features excellent look.
The amplifying circuitry design follows the well appraised current negative feedback structure, featuring the full symmetric and full complementary circuit. The most outstanding advantages of this circuitry are powerful drive, low distortion, rich dynamics, excellent controlling ability, reliable work and good sound. The whole amplifying circuitry can be divided into three stages: the first stage adopts quality Motorola MJE350/MJE340 geminate transistors, the second stage adopts Toshiba 2SC517/2SA1930 geminate transistors and the output stage uses three pair of Sanken 2SC3264/2SA1295 high current geminate transistors. Therefore, this amplifier is ensured of power driving current.
The materials are very select, especially some audio-use-only and world famous capacitances are choicely used in the audio loop. It uses imported relay to switch the coaxial channel and balanced channel. The whole power supply system is consisted of the 350W high quality annular transformer as the core, the 50A high speed bridge rectifier and 60,000 uF Rubycon capacitance. The power supply for voltage amplifying is supplied by the filtered and rectified separate windings of the transformer, which have high speed, low noisy, low impedance and strong shielding ability. Besides, the separate design of the two windings can rapidly reduce the intermodulation disturbance and thus increase the purity of the sound.

Tekniske Specifikationer

Power Output: 160W/8Ω Frequency response: 10Hz-100KHz S/N Ratio: 100db Distortion: ≤0.03% Input sensitivity: 1.7V Dimensions(W*D*H): 240mm x 148mm x 430mm


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