Xindak MC-10 Step-up Demo

The output from MC (moving-coil) cartridge is 0.001V~0.003V/47Kohms, which is unavailable to the ordinary LP turntable amplifier whose gain is around 42dB. In order to meet the demands from the audiophiles, Xindak especially launches MC10 moving-coil cartridge transformer module.

By connecting the MC10 between the MC turntable and LP amplifier such as Xindak LP-1 in series by interconnection cable, the LP amplifier can support MC turntable output. There are three specifications of MC10 are available, which are 20dB, 26dB and 30dB, to match different MC turntables with output impendance .

MC10 is made of alloy aluminum, and the thickness for the wall is 8mm, with two high quality CMC ports at two terminals. A permalloy transformer is sealed inside, which with excellent shielding performance and strong capacity on anti-jamming.

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Net Weight: 210g/pcs

Size: 38(dia.)*127 MM

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20db, 26db, 30db